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Grateful patient Kevin Cook with his smiling caregivers

A ‘guardian angel’ in Customer Care

June 2018, When you call a company’s customer service line, you don’t expect to meet an angel. But that’s exactly what happened to Kevin Cook when he was helped by La’Quetta Glasper, a representative in Sharp Health Plan’s Customer Care department.


Man stretching

Raise awareness on men's health

June 2018, In honor of National Men’s Health Week, we encourage men to take hands-on steps to address preventable health issues. Share these recommendations, and ask family and friends if they’re due to see their doctor.


Apply sunscreen

Raise awareness on melanoma

May 2018, Being exposed to UV radiation is a risk factor for skin cancers, including melanoma. In the U.S., the hours between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. are the most hazardous. Learn how to help protect you and your family.


New Medicare ID cards

New Medicare ID cards

April 2018, Starting this month, the U.S. government will begin mailing new, more secure Medicare ID cards to all Medicare recipients. It’s important to note that the new cards will not replace a health insurance ID card. Get the facts from this article.


2018-04 Health Observance_Autism-621394544-news-290x190

Learn the signs of autism

April 2018, It's National Autism Awareness Month. Autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) occur in about 1 of every 68 people, so it is likely that you may know someone who is affected.