Get the most out of your pharmacy benefits

Save time and money with our pharmacy portal and app.

Use our pharmacy portal and app — which are both available to members for free through CVS Caremark® — to save money on your medications, and save time managing them for you and your family. Check out a few of our favorite time- and cost-saving tips below:

  • Check drug costs and coverage

    View side-by-side comparisons of your medications to see where you can save   

  • Rx delivery by mail

    Start filling your prescriptions in convenient, 90-day supplies, which often costs you less

  • Find a network pharmacy

    You only pay your prescription copay, and not the full medication price, when you use a network pharmacy

  • Keep track of your Rx spending

    See how close you are to meeting your deductible and maximum out-of-pocket costs

  • Manage all your Rx in one place

    Easily manage prescriptions you get from your local pharmacy, by mail or through a specialty pharmacy in one place

  • Quick and easy refills

    Scan your Rx label with your smart phone, or enroll in Text Refill Reminders for existing prescriptions

  • Customize notifications and reminders

    Choose how to receive information about your prescriptions — by text, email or phone

Not sure if your pharmacy coverage is with us?