Get the most out of your pharmacy benefits

Save time and money with our pharmacy portal and app.

Use our pharmacy portal and app to save money on your medications and save time managing them for you and your family. If you have pharmacy benefits with Sharp Health Plan, check out these eight tips to get the most out of them.

  • Check drug costs and coverage

    Visit the portal to find out if there are opportunities to save on your prescription medications.

  • Save money on Rx

    Find out if your medications are in the online drug list. Using medications from the list can help you save money on the prescriptions you need.

  • Rx delivery by mail

    Start filling your prescriptions in convenient, 90-day supplies, which often costs you less.

  • Find a network pharmacy

    Never pay more than your prescription copay when you use a network pharmacy for a medication on the drug list.

  • Keep track of your Rx spending

    See how close you are to meeting your deductible and maximum out-of-pocket costs.

  • Manage all your Rx in one place

    Easily manage prescriptions by mail or through a specialty pharmacy in one place.

  • Get quick and easy refills*

    Save time by managing medication refills for mail order or specialty pharmacy through the portal.

  • Customize mail order and specialty pharmacy notifications and reminders*

    Choose how to receive information about your prescriptions — by text, email or phone.

*Only available if you’re filling prescriptions through CVS Pharmacy.

Not sure if your pharmacy coverage is with us?