Proof of residency

Guidelines for new applications and account changes.

If any of the criteria below applies to you, then we will ask you for proof of residency documents:

  • You have never enrolled in benefits with Sharp Health Plan, either directly or through Covered California
  • You have never in enrolled in benefits with Sharp Health Plan through an employer
  • You have been enrolled under one of our plans, but you have changed your home address

The documents must show proof of residency in a ZIP code format for Sharp Health Plan's service area. Use our ZIP code lookup tool to find out if you are in our service area.

The proof of residency must be received within 10 business days after your application is submitted. Please submit documents to or fax to 1-858-499-8246. 

Acceptable proof of residency documents
Sharp Health Plan requires two documents clearly stating your full name and the address at which you currently reside. Proof of residency documents should be the most recent version of the document available.

Examples of acceptable residency documents:

  • Gas, Electricity, Water or Internet billing statement
  • California driver's license
  • Rental agreement
  • School records
  • Paystub
  • Tax return
  • Property Tax statement

* Sharp Health Plan may accept other types of documents on a case by case basis. No handwritten or expired documents will be accepted.