COVID-19 information for your patients

We’re monitoring this health emergency closely and will update this page whenever new information is available.

We appreciate our health care professionals who are on the front lines in the fight against COVID-19. We've put together this list of resources and guidance documents to help you protect yourself as well as care for your patients.


COVID-19 vaccines

The County of San Diego is currently vaccinating individuals 6 months and older. Visit the County of San Diego’s vaccination page to learn more.


$0 COVID-19 screening, testing and treatment

There are no copays for medically necessary COVID-19 screening and testing. Patients can submit proof of purchase for FDA approved at-home COVID-19 diagnostic tests for reimbursement beginning January 15, 2022.

Telehealth services

We are covering telehealth services for all patients enrolled in benefits with Sharp Health Plan. Cost-share amounts vary depending on benefit plans, but should be no more than the cost-share for an in-office visit.

Please note that Sharp Community Medical Group patients also have access to virtual urgent care visits through Marque Urgent Care which is covered at the same copay as an in-person urgent care visit.

Counseling patients to self-isolate at time of testing

Test to Treat Initiative

The federal government's Test to Treat program allows individuals to be tested for COVID-19 and treated if needed.

Updated guidance on evaluating patients

Updated guidance on evaluating patients

Read the latest guidance on identifying and evaluating patients for COVID-19 from the CDC’s Health Alert Network (HAN).

Prescription drug and pharmacy benefit changes

Prescription drug and pharmacy benefit changes

We’re temporarily relaxing early refill limits for maintenance medications, as well as automatically extending prior authorizations.


Provider news and alerts

Get the latest on COVID-19, including news on your patients’ prescriptions refills and copays.


Essential workers on the frontlines may experience complicated mental health challenges. Watch this video from PsychHub to learn how to cope.

The pandemic brings grief and loss to many, especially those on the frontlines. Watch this video to find out how to manage these emotions.

The latest on how COVID-19 spreads

What health care providers should know

Find out the latest on how COVID-19 spreads and how you can protect yourself.

Frequently asked questions for healthcare providers

Frequently asked questions for healthcare providers

Read the latest guidance from the CDC on risk, transmission and testing.

COVID-19 and underlying conditions

COVID-19 and underlying conditions

Patients at higher risk for infection, severe illness, and poorer outcomes from COVID-19 should protect themselves.