Tools for managing prescriptions

We’ve laid out some important details that can help guide you through the prescription process.

It’s important to us that you have all the right resources and information you need when helping our members get effective treatment. To make the prescription process easier for you and members, try searching our drug list, scanning drug list updates, reading our outpatient pharmacy disclosure, and finding how members can get prescriptions delivered by mail.

Prescription drug bottles and pills
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Coronavirus & COVID-19 resources for providers

Stay up-to-date on Sharp Health Plan-related information related to coronavirus and COVID-19.


Electronic prescribing mandate information

Effective January 1, 2022, all California health care practitioners who are authorized to prescribe will be required to issue prescriptions electronically.


Pharmacy prior authorization

If you would like to prescribe a medication that requires authorization, you’ll need to fill out the prior authorization request form and give us any relevant support or documentation. Once the form is complete, we can review your request.


Generic vs. brand name medications

Our drug list includes many commonly-prescribed medications. When a generic equivalent is available, it must be dispensed instead of the brand-name drug unless a doctor specifies otherwise. Use our helpful online search tool to find covered medications.


Opioid cumulative dose program

Sharp Health Plan is committed to preventing overuse and protecting patient safety. Get more information and learn how program aims to reduce the likelihood that members receive unsafe levels of opioid medications.


Interested in becoming a contracted network provider or need more information? Contact our provider account management team.


Specialty drugs

Specialty medications are provided by our partner, CVS Specialty™ pharmacy.  Medications that are provided by CVS Specialty pharmacy are identified with the “SP” symbol on your health plan drug list.