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Best Health wellness program

Discover Best Health®, our free wellness program designed to help you live a full, vibrant life. You can get access to tools and resources to help you plan, track and celebrate your journey toward better health. Whatever your goal, Best Health helps you get there.

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Preventive care

You know the saying: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Get your wellness score, download our preventive care checklists and get helpful tips on how to live a healthier life.


Health news, quizzes and videos

Looking for reliable, helpful information on health conditions and living well? You can access thousands of articles, news, and videos on health and wellness to support your health goals.


Get familiar with medical terms

Medical and insurance jargon can get in the way of learning about your treatment and benefits. Get familiar with a few healthcare terms by visiting our glossary.


Wellness Discounts

Get exclusive savings on fitness and wellness.

Wellness tips and resources

Watch this video from PsychHub to find out about practical ways to achieve better mental health and balance in your life.

Watch this short video about meditation. By taking time to rest and recharge, you'll be more able to cope and focus on what's important.

You’ve heard of “mind” and “body,” but mental health and physical health should not be thought of as separate. Find out more in this video.

Sleep issues can be a symptom of a behavioral health or medical condition. Watch this video to learn more about insomnia.

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5 habits of healthy people

Incorporate these 5 daily habits for a healthier lifestyle.

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10 ways regular physical activity improves your health

Regular physical activity benefits your health and overall quality of life.

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Manage your health online

Manage doctor appointments, health records and more with a Sharp account. Available to Sharp Rees-Stealy and Sharp Community Medical Group members only, this is an easy-to-use online portal and mobile app for iOS and Android.


"I was motivated even more, because I saw that I was not only meeting my goal, but I was also exceeding it."

- Jose M., Sharp Health Plan Member, San Diego, CA