Understanding your pharmacy coverage

Find out if your pharmacy coverage is through Sharp Health Plan.

All individual & family plan members and most members with coverage through their employer have pharmacy benefits through Sharp Health Plan. You'll know if you're covered through us by looking at the back of your member ID card.

If Pharmacy Services is listed on your card

If Pharmacy Services’ phone numbers are listed on the back of your member ID card, you have pharmacy coverage through Sharp Health Plan.

If Pharmacy Services is not listed on your card

If Pharmacy Services’ phone numbers are not listed, refer to your onboarding or employer resources to determine your pharmacy coverage and appropriate contact information.

Sample member ID card


Your pharmacy portal

Members with pharmacy coverage through Sharp Health Plan can manage their benefits online. Here’s what you can do on our pharmacy portal.

  • Refill prescriptions*
  • Find a pharmacy near you
  • View your prescription benefits
  • View your prescription history
  • Sign up/manage your mail‑order prescriptions
  • Access specialty drug information
  • Sign up for prescription alerts

Visit the pharmacy portal

  • Check drug costs and coverage
  • Compare drug costs by pharmacy
  • Check your plan usage and cost-share
  • Transfer prescriptions*
  • Email a pharmacist
  • Check prior authorization status
  • Check drug interactions

*Only available if you’re filling prescriptions through CVS Pharmacy.