Access to a loved one’s health information

Get what you need to manage your family’s health care.

We are committed to protecting your health information, also known as PHI. At some point during your care, you may need to share your health information with someone else — or, access a family member’s information.


Completing our authorization form gives Sharp Health Plan permission to share your personal health information. You control who you want to share that information with, and the level of information that you what to share with them. There are two options for you to choose from on the form:

  • Option 1: All health information
    • Medical — e.g., diagnoses, doctors, treatments
    • Financial — e.g., medical claims, bills, copayments
  • Option 2: Only limited information that you specify

If you are legally responsible for making medical decisions for a parent or adult dependent, you will need to submit this form in order to access their health information.

Note: This authorization form is for Sharp Health Plan only. You will need to fill out additional authorization forms and submit them to your medical group, doctor’s office or locations where you receive care. We encourage you to contact your doctor’s office for more information.

How do I get my doctor's or hospital's authorization form?

We encourage you to contact your doctor's office or your hospital to ask for the correct authorization form. You may also refer to the list below for guidance. Your doctor's plan medical group is listed on your member ID card.

Plan medical groups

Sharp Community Medical Group Contact your doctor’s office
Sharp Rees-Stealy Medical Group Fill out Permission to discuss protected health information and email to Sharp Rees-Stealy forms
Greater Tri Cities IPA Call 1-800-458-2307 to ask for a special authorization form
Independent Providers Network Contact your doctor's office
Optum Care-North County SD (formerly Primary Care Associates Medical Group) See Disclosure of protected health information
Rady / Children’s Physicians Medical Group See Your child’s medical records
SCMG Palomar Health Medical Group See Authorization to release medical records
SCMG Graybill North Coastal See Permission to discuss protected health information with others in registration packet


Sharp HealthCare hospitals See How to request your medical records
Palomar hospitals See Medical records request
Rady Children's hospital See Medical records

How do I give a family member access to my medical records?

Sharp users may grant proxy access in their portal account. The other option is to fill out a medical record request form. Please specify that you would like the records sent to your family member.

If your doctor does not use a Sharp account, please contact their office for assistance with sharing access to your medical records.

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