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When it comes to health coverage, Sharp Health Plan takes a big-picture approach. We provide high-quality patient and preventive care to help your employees achieve their physical, mental and emotional well-being, both at home and on the job. You can choose from four networks that offer high-quality care from over 2,000 doctors in the San Diego and southern Riverside area.

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A select network of doctors, hospitals and medical groups, offering the most cost savings for individual and family plans.

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Premier offers the most value and access to a smaller pool of high-quality health care options. It is a good fit for people who care more about affordability and don't mind having a little less choice of providers. There's no compromise on quality here, just more value.

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  • 1,200+ doctors
  • 10 hospitals
  • 2 medical groups

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This is our largest network for individual and family plans, offering flexibility in choice of providers and in geographical coverage.

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