Renewing group coverage

What you need to know to renew your employer group's coverage.

Your renewal packet

Both small group and large group employers receive renewal materials 60 to 120 days before the renewal effective date. (A small group has up to 100 employees; a large group has 101 or more employees.) The renewal packet includes documents such as:

  • The renewal letter
  • Renewal rates and plan options
  • Summary of benefits and coverage
  • Renewal confirmation form

We will automatically renew your group policy if you do not complete and submit your renewal confirmation by the renewal effective date.


Changing your policy

If you need to change any of the provisions in your policy, contact your dedicated account manager. Any approved changes become effective upon your next renewal date. All requests are subject to approval, including changes to:

  • Benefit plan
  • Provider network
  • Supplemental riders
  • Eligible number of hours
  • Contributions
  • Domestic partner coverage
  • Dependent coverage

Updates to your business structure

If your group is planning any business structure changes — for example, a business name change or a merger — be sure to notify your dedicated account manager. Certain changes require additional forms to be completed and/or documentation for our records.



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