Are you saving money on your medication?

How to use the CVS Caremark Check Drug Cost & Coverage tool.

At your last appointment, your doctor recommended a new prescription medication. But before you pick it up, you’d like to know if you can save money.

Prescription drug prices can vary based on three things:

  • Your health insurance plan.
  • If your deductibles have been met.
  • Your pharmacy’s pricing.
  • There’s a quick way to find out if your medication is covered — and if you could pay less for it — by using the CVS Caremark® Drug Cost & Coverage tool.

How to use the Drug Cost & Coverage Tool


Sign in or create an account.

Visit to sign up or log in to your account.


Find the Check Drug Cost & Coverage Tool.

Under Plan & Benefits, select the Check Drug Cost & Coverage Tool. Decide whether you’d like to find out the price of a new drug, price a past search or price a previously filled prescription.


Look up your prescription.

You’ll see results that list prices for the brand name medication, the generic medication and therapeutic alternatives. If a price is not listed, it means the drug isn’t covered. If you’d like to save money on your prescription costs, look for the “best value” option on your list.


Compare prices.

Find out if there’s a price difference between getting your prescription mailed or picking it up from the pharmacy. You can also compare costs at different pharmacies in your network.

Once you’ve compared prescription drug prices

You can show this information to your doctor, who will help you make the best medication decision for your health and budget.

Watch this helpful video to learn more about using the Drug Cost & Coverage Tool.

Not sure if your pharmacy coverage is with us?