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Important updates

To help our providers stay up to date on our operations, we send out fax publications. Here are some of the most recent alerts we’ve published:


2018 Provider Satisfaction Survey Coming Soon: 8/15/8

DMCH Timely Access Standards Survey - Ancillary: 8/9/18

DMHC Timely Access Standards Survey: 8/6/18

Important Updates to Sharp Health Plan's Drug Formulary and Safety Program: 7/19/18

2018 IVR Provider Communication: 7/11/18

2018 Timely Access to Care: 7/5/18

Appropriate Use of C-Sections: 6/21/18

Prescription Post and Shingles Update: 6/1/18

Provider Directories Attestation Project: 4/25/18

Important Update to Sharp Health Plan's Commercial Drug Formulary: 3/30/18

News Flash: HEDIS 2018 Data Collection Project: 2/16/18

Sharp Health Plan Prescription Update: 1/26/18

News Flash: New Member ID Cards: 1/9/18

Important Information on New Core Administrative System - Please Read: 12/22/17

UPDATE: New Member ID Cards, Portals & More: 12/18/17

IMPORTANT Upgrade Information - Please Read: 12/4/17

Sharp Health Plan 2017 Annual Fee Schedule Letter: 11/15/17

New Prescription Drug Prior Authorization/Step Therapy Exception Request Form (Effective 1/1/18): 10/24/17

SHP Provider Operations Manual for Commercial and Sharp Advantage: 10/18/17 

Stop Using ACES for Sharp Health Plan Independent Members, Begin Faxing Your Referrals: 9/25/17

Hepatitis A Vaccination Reminders: 9/18/17

Formulary updates: 9/8/2017

Timely access to care: 6/29/2017

Formulary updates: 4/28/2017

Formulary updates: 2/24/2017


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