Your Sharp Health Plan online account

Here’s how to get started.

Your Sharp Health Plan online account includes self-service features and functionality that will help save you time by making it easier to manage your account online.

Sharp Health Plan Employer Portal homepage

Here’s some of the great functionality your online account includes:

  • Add new employees or send employees digital enrollment applications.
  • Manage enrollments — add dependents, term members and update member information.
  • Verify eligibility and download your employee roster.
  • Manage permissions — like user provisioning to grant employer staff or employer broker agent access to your account.
  • Make one-time and automatic payments online.
  • And much more!

How to request an online account

Account types

There are two types of online accounts: Employer Administrators and Employer Staff.

Employer Administrators:

The main owner of an employer group’s online account. Employer Administrators are responsible for granting other people access to their online account as needed.

If you will be the administrator for your organization’s online account, please request a new account here and select “Request a new site,” then follow the instructions.

Our Account Management team will review and approve your request in 1-2 weeks. You’ll receive an email notification when your online account is ready to use.

Employer Staff:

Contact your Employer Administrator. They will grant you access to your organization’s online account.

If you’re not sure if your organization has an Employer Administrator, please contact your dedicated Sharp Health Plan account management executive for support.

Employer Broker Agents:

If you are a broker who would like access to your employer client’s online account, please contact the Employer Administrator to request access. If you aren’t sure who the Employer Administrator is, please reach out to your dedicated Sharp Health Plan account management executive for support.



Please view the FAQ below or contact your dedicated account management executive for more information.


What is an Employer Administrator?

Employer Administrators are typically office managers or the person who oversees the administrative functions at your organization. They will be responsible for managing access to your online account, including:

  • Submitting new user requests.
  • Verifying users.
  • Deactivating users.

What is an Employer Staff?

An Employer Staff is any user who is not an Employer Administrator. Their access is managed by their organization's Employer Administrator. Employer Staff have similar functionality as Employer Administrators, except for the ability to add new online account users.

How do I request an online account?

If you would like Employer Staff access, please contact your Employer Administrator. If your organization has not identified an Employer Administrator, please request a new account here. Be sure to select “Request a new site,” then follow the instructions.

How do I activate my online account?

After you've been identified as an Employer Administrator or an Employer Staff, you will receive an activation email. Please follow the instructions in that email to activate your online account.

How do I access training materials?

Sharp Health Plan Employer HUB

There are two ways to view training materials. Log in to your Sharp Health Plan online account.

  1. Select Employer HUB from the menu at the top of the homepage. Then, select Training: How do I … ?
  2. Visit the homepage and select Training: How do I … ?

Can I set up automatic payments online?

Yes. Employers can set up automatic payments through their Sharp Health Plan online account. For step-by-step instructions, please log in to your account and visit the homepage Quick Links. Please note, your first automatic payment must be a one-time payment. Subsequent payments can be set up as automatic.

Can I make online payments for more than $8,000?

Yes. If your payment is greater than $8,000, it will appear as multiple transactions until your total payment is reached. One-time payments are limited to $8,000.

What should I do if I have payments set up through the Sharp Health Plan payment portal?

The Sharp Health Plan payment portal will be going away later this year. To avoid any lapse in coverage, you will need to cancel those payments and get them re-setup in your Sharp Health Plan online account. Once you're logged in to your account, visit the homepage Quick Links to view instructions on how to set up automatic payments.

Who should I contact for technical support?

If you need technical support, please contact

Who should I contact with general questions?

Please contact your dedicated account management executive for all other questions.