5 Best Health tools to kick-start New Year’s resolutions

Your guide to a healthier year.

The most popular New Year's resolutions are to exercise more and eat healthier, but without the right support, it might be hard to stick to your goals. The Best Health® wellness program offers personalized support and hands-on tips to boost your physical activity, help with healthy eating habits and much more. Celebrate a healthier, happier new year with these five wellness tools.


Free health coaching

Best Health members are lowering their cholesterol, losing weight, and completing 5Ks in record time with support from their coaches. Our experienced coaches offer one-on-one guidance during 30-minute weekly sessions to help you lose weight, manage stress, quit smoking and more.


Best Health app

Take your goals on the go with the Best Health app. Complete your Wellness Assessment, track your progress and monitor your health anytime, anywhere, right from your phone or tablet.


Best Health 1-2-3 series

Stay active and eat healthier with quick tips to reach your goals. The 1-2-3 series' topics are broken down into three steps to help you learn, take action and stay on track.


Interactive learning modules

Once you take your Wellness Assessment, we'll recommend learning modules based on your results. You'll get helpful tips and insights as you complete each course. Choose from several topics like diabetes prevention, nutrition and personal goal setting and more to start and maintain healthy habits.


Wellness webinars

Learn to prevent and manage burnout, practice self-care during stressful times, and much more in our expert-led webinars.

Get started

Choosing a New Year's resolution is a great way to check in on your goals and look ahead to the future. Log in or register for Best Health to try these free tools and support your health and wellness all year.

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