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High-sodium foods to watch out for

High-sodium foods to watch out for


Do you know which high-sodium foods to avoid? Watch this short video to find out, and learn which alternatives are best for your heart health.

Heart disease can happen at any age

Heart disease can happen at any age

Preventive care spotlight

Learn the risk factors, and what you can do to help reduce your risk of heart disease.

Support well-being with a Kindfulness Challenge

Support well-being with a Kindfulness Challenge

Best Health spotlight

Kindness and mindfulness can impact your well-being in positive ways.

Benefits of taking a wellness assessment

Benefits of taking a wellness assessment

Tip of the quarter

Personalized results, one-on-one coaching and more to help you reach your wellness goals.

Healthier snacks for the Big Game

Healthier snacks for the Big Game

Healthy recipe

Delicious recipes with a healthy twist.


5 reasons the flu vaccine is more important than ever

Preventive care spotlight
Health experts fear a ‘Twindemic’ — an outbreak of COVID-19 and the flu. Getting a flu shot can help lower your risk of dual viruses, and it’s covered at no cost under your preventive care benefits.