Benefits of taking a wellness assessment

Support your employees on their journey toward better health.

Our free Best Health® Wellness Assessment is a short, 10-minute survey that can give your employees valuable insight into their current health and ways to improve it, including:

  • Health risks, and how to lower them.
  • Strategies to improve health and well-being.
  • Personalized health results to share with their doctors.

3 things to expect from the Wellness Assessment

1Your employees will be able to finish the assessment in one sitting — it’s that quick! They can always come back later to finish their answers (if needed).

2We’ll ask questions about the activities they do every day, like eating and sleeping. They’ll also answer questions about modifiable health risks —habits they can change — like their exercise and eating habits.

3If possible, your employees should have their latest results from a physical exam or any screening tests on hand, like their weight and last blood pressure reading.

More benefits for your employees

In addition to their personalized health results, your employees will benefit from tailored programs and resources just for them. Based on what your employees share in their wellness assessment, we’ll recommend programs for their health needs, and even connect them with one of our health coaches.

Getting started

The first step to completing a wellness assessment is creating a Best Health account, which is free for all Sharp Health Plan members. All you need to register is a valid email address.