Free tools from Best Health

Here are some tips that can help you get more engaged with wellness.

Encouraging your employees to make better decisions is easier than ever before with Best Health – our nationally accredited wellness program. Here are two quick tips for engaging your employees today:


Free Best Health mobile app

The Best Health app is your on-the-go complement to the Best Health wellness portal. Best Health is a convenient collection of mobile tools allowing for easy access and engagement from your Apple or Android mobile device. From activity logs and step tracking to health monitoring, this app has everything you need all in one. You can even take your wellness assessment through the app! Download it from the Apple App Store or Google Play today.


Free wellness assessments

Our free Best Health Wellness Assessment gives you a complete picture of your health. After completing a short survey, you’ll get a health score that you can use to jumpstart your wellness journey. Your wellness assessment will help you identify opportunities for improving your health, get a baseline for measuring your progress, and give you access to resources that are customized to your individual needs. You can also share your results with your doctor. Find out your own wellness score and start making wellness goals for yourself by taking our free health assessment.