Completing a wellness assessment in three easy steps

It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Our free Best Health® Wellness Assessment is a short, 10-minute survey that gives members valuable insight into their current health and ways to improve it. The survey can:

  • Help them learn more about their health risks, so they can take steps to lower them
  • Provide strategies to improve their health and well-being
  • Give them personalized health results to share with their doctor

How to register

Members can get started by following these three easy steps:


Register for an account.

The first step to completing a wellness assessment is creating a Best Health account, which is free for all Sharp Health Pan members. You need a valid email address to register.


Log in to the account.

Members will need to be logged in to their account to complete their wellness assessment. This ensures that members’ information remains safe and confidential. Members can log in to their account through our web portal online, or by downloading our free Best Health app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


Take the wellness assessment.

Members should answer everything as truthfully as possible. They can easily finish in one sitting, but they can always come back later. We’ll save their answers.

What questions to expect

We’ll ask members about things they do every day, like eating and sleeping. And have them tell us about any medical conditions they may have. They’ll also see questions about their modifiable health risks. These are health habits they can change. For example, their eating and exercise habits, and whether they use tobacco products.

Tip: Members should try to have their latest numbers from any screening tests or a physical exam on hand — like their last blood pressure reading, cholesterol values and their weight.

More reasons for your member clientsemployees to take a wellness assessment:

  • They’ll feel better.
    Your member clientsemployees can learn to make good food choices. Stop smoking. Or start working out.
  • They’ll keep dollars in their pocket.
    When your member clientsemployees are healthier, they’ll spend less on health care. We give members the support they need to get healthy and stay healthy.
  • They’ll get programs and resources that are all about them.
    Based on the information your member clientsemployees share in their wellness assessment, we’ll recommend programs to meet their health needs. Or they can talk with a health coach.