5 healthy changes that can save your life

Raise awareness about men’s health.

In the United States, men lead unhealthier lives than women, and they die younger than women. In fact, men die at higher rates than women from 9 of the top 10 causes of death — including heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Many of these leading causes of death can be prevented.

Preventing health issues

Take hands-on steps this month to address preventable health issues and lower your risk by making better lifestyle choices.

Here are the top five healthy changes you can make to help lower your risk of illness and death:


Don’t smoke.


Eat a healthy diet.


Maintain a healthy weight.




Manage stress.

Not sure where to start? Our Best Health® wellness program offers free tools and resources to help you take the first step toward making smarter, healthier lifestyle choices.

Down the road

Preventive care — services like checkups, vaccinations and certain screening tests that you receive when you are well — can make a big difference. Even if you feel fine, it’s important to schedule annual preventive care visits with your primary care physician to avoid future health problems. During your visit, your doctor will determine what tests or health screenings are right for you based on your age, health status and family history.

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