Tips for staying active at home

From activity trackers to virtual workouts, Best Health has you covered.

Physical activity helps reduce stress by releasing endorphins and boosting your mood. At least 30 minutes of activity a day is important to build into your daily routine. Sharp Health Plan’s free Best Health® online portal and mobile app have many resources to help you increase your physical activity, including discounts on activity trackers and virtual workouts — both great resources for staying active at home.


Activity trackers

For some people, tracking their activity works well for motivation and progress, especially for people who may be unaware of how little they move throughout the day. Some cell phones have health apps that can track your steps, or you might also consider purchasing a fitness tracker. Tracking devices allow you to make daily or weekly goals for steps, days of exercise, sleep and even calorie intake. Most fitness trackers integrate with the Best Health app to keep all of your stats in one place.  Best Health members can buy discounted fitness trackers online. Please log in or create an account to get started.


Virtual workouts

If you’re looking for a convenient way to work out from home, you may want to consider virtual workouts. Best Health partners with Studio SWEAT onDemand for unlimited access to a variety of streaming workouts accessible on any device. At a discounted rate, you can enjoy an in-studio experience with classes such as yoga, HIIT cardio, barre, spin, bootcamp, and even workouts for kids.

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