5 tips to create a healthier workplace

Improve employees’ health in the new year and beyond.

When it comes to workplace wellness, it’s time to take action. Employees who are in good health are more likely to perform at their best in the workplace, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report. Take the lead with these five tips to build a healthier workplace.


Promote healthy eating.

Offering nutritious options at work helps to encourage healthier lifestyles. More than half of Americans who eat during their work hours struggle to eat a healthy lunch, and more than three quarters say they’re more likely to make healthier choices during the day if they have a wholesome lunch. View the CDC's recommendations here.

Try this: Share our Best Health® 1-2-3 series on healthy eating and our wellness webinar on weight management to help teach employees about the benefits of healthy eating.


Stay hydrated.

Drinking water regularly helps the body stay at a normal temperature, cushions joints, and can help to maintain weight and calorie intake, among other benefits. If employees work in hot weather or are more physically active, it’s especially important to make sure they stay hydrated.

Try this: Help employees feel their best by making water coolers and water bottles easily accessible.


Bring in the green.

Research shows office plants may be good for your health. Studies published in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found indoor plants can help to lower blood pressure, and decorating spaces with photos of parks, gardens and grassy fields may help to support relaxation and recovery after stress.

Try this: Low-maintenance, affordable options like bamboo, pothos and snake plants make great additions to the workplace.


Increase natural light.

Adding natural light to work areas can help employees feel more alert, improve their memory and lessen eye strain, according to the CDC and Mayo Clinic.

Try this: Place workstations near windows and open blinds to let the light in. Encourage employees to take outdoor breaks for a similar benefit.


Encourage activity.

Exercise improves health by reducing stress, managing weight and reducing the risk of disease. It’s also a cost-saving opportunity for employers, the CDC explains.

Try this: Start a walking group to help employees connect while staying active. All Sharp Health Plan members can join Studio SWEAT OnDemand and ChooseHealthy®for discounts on wellness products, fitness classes and more.

Get started

Whether you try a few or all of these tips, your employees will appreciate the benefits.

The Best Health wellness program offers a variety of tools and personalized support to help employers and employees be their best. Sharp Health Plan members can log in or register for an account online. For more information, please contact your account manager to connect with the Best Health team.

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