Important SSN updates

Here’s what your clientsemployees should expect.

Sharp Health Plan is required to send certain clientemployee information, including Social Security numbers (SSN), to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), due to requirements from the Affordable Care Act. As a result, your clientsemployees may receive correspondence from us asking to confirm their Social Security numbers. To help keep you and your clients employees informed, we’ll explain what they should expect and how they can ensure we receive the correct details.

When we’ll contact your clientsemployees

We may ask your clientsemployees to confirm their Social Security numbers if:

  1. Their SSN is missing
  2. Their SSN and/or name do not match

Missing SSN
We’ll send two letters requesting that your clientemployee update their information.

SSN and/or name mismatch
If the Social Security number and/or name of at least one person in your client'semployee's household does not match the information in the IRS’ system, we’ll send one letter requesting that your clientemployee verify their household’s information. We must verify the Social Security number and name of every household member who is enrolled with Sharp Health Plan.

How clientsemployees can update their information

ClientsEmployees should confirm their information by the due date printed on their letter.

Log in to your Sharp Health Plan online account

  • If your clientsemployees receive any of these letters from us, they can verify or update information by logging in to their online account.
  • The process takes less than five minutes and is the fastest, most secure way to confirm their household members’ names and Social Security numbers.

Verify SSN and/or name with employer and Social Security Administration

  • Clients should confirm their updated information with their employer by contacting their human resources or benefits representative.Employees should confirm their updated information with you by contacting a human resources or benefits representative.
  • If the SSN(s) and name(s) provided for a client'san employee's household are accurate, clientsemployees should also confirm this information with the Social Security Administration at or by calling
    1-800-772-1213. Otherwise, they may continue to receive notices next year.

Communicate with Customer Care

What happens if clientsemployees do not update their information?

By law, Sharp Health Plan is required to request their Social Security number two times. If we don't receive a response after the second letter, we'll provide their name and date of birth to the IRS and will continue to send two requests the following year. This information is kept confidential and is not shared outside of Sharp Health Plan, except as permitted by law or as specifically authorized by your clientsemployees.

If a client'san employee's Social Security number or name do not match, and we cannot confirm their information, they may receive a notice the following year.

ClientsEmployees who do not have Social Security numbers, are not U.S. citizens or do not work in the U.S. can disregard these communications.