Weeknight charcuterie

Save time (and money) with a homemade charcuterie board.

Why spend money on a few bites of charcuterie at a fancy wine bar when you can build your own board at home? This appetizer is easy to whip up any night of the week and can be made compliant for any dietary plan, be it Whole30, low-carb, vegan or otherwise. With a little prep and a handful of ingredients, you’ll have a delicious spread ready in no time at all.


Choose your favorite combination from the following ingredient suggestions:

Veggies: Radishes, Persian cucumbers, bell peppers, carrots, snap peas, cherry tomatoes, arugula

Fruit: Grapes, apples, pears, fresh berries, dried figs, dried dates, cranberries

Protein: Smoked salmon, prosciutto, salami, cheese, pate, nuts

Condiments: Dijon mustard, pesto, aioli, jam

Extras: Dried olives, fresh olives, pickles


Mix up the textures by pairing harder pieces, like salami, with something softer, like pate. Slice veggies, fruit and meat into finger-food sizes. Starting with the bigger ingredients, arrange on a decorative board, and enjoy.

Source: Sharp Health News. Recipe courtesy of wholedailylife.com.

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