Ways to boost your energy for the holidays

Stay energized this holiday season.

Holiday shopping, socializing, cooking and cleaning can take a toll on your energy level. When you’re feeling sluggish, a much-needed energy boost could be exactly what you need to refuel. Feel better this busy season with these five healthy holiday tips.


Get plenty of rest

Just one night with too little sleep is enough to affect you the next day. To boost your mood and your energy, get seven or more hours of rest.


Add movement to your day

Exercising helps oxygen move through your body. Moving more can even boost hormones that help you feel more energized.


Enjoy balanced meals

Choose vegetables, lean proteins, fiber-rich carbohydrates and healthy fats. Foods high in refined sugars like white bread and white rice can cause a blood sugar spike and lead to tiredness.


Stay hydrated

Drinking enough water supports your energy levels throughout the day. Keep a bottle of water with you and sip on it whether you’re home or out running errands.


Cut back on caffeine

Having coffee, tea or soda too close to bedtime can interfere with your rest. In the evenings, go for a relaxing herbal tea or fruit-infused water instead.

No matter how you spend the season, increasing your energy can help you enjoy quality time with your loved ones. Put on your favorite holiday tunes and find your groove — your body will thank you!

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