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life-changing decision

How one Best Health member embraced motherhood, self-care and a healthier lifestyle.

Christiana can remember the moment she wanted to change her lifestyle. After a post-partum health scare following the birth of her second child, Christiana was ready to do things differently. “I wanted my lifestyle to change, so as not to have to be in and out of the hospital,” Christiana recalls.

As a full-time, remote university employee who was caring for a newborn and a toddler, Christiana knew she needed to take time to prioritize her health. When she received an email about Sharp Health Plan’s Best Health® coaching program from her employer, she knew the timing was right. Christiana connected with Michelle Milles, a health coach with Best Health.

“My goal was weight loss and the intention behind the weight loss was to create a healthy lifestyle,” Christiana explains. “It was a good kick-start, having accountability was helpful, especially to be able to put thought into action.”


It was important for Christiana to set achievable goals. “I tried to set smart goals and was specific about them,” she says. “I knew it would not be realistic to lose 25 lbs. in six weeks, so I set the goal at 5 lbs. at a time.” With this in mind, she embarked on a 6-week journey to lose weight.

With her coach’s guidance, Christiana focused on improving her mental health, nutrition and exercise habits. Christiana shared that coaching helped her to appreciate holistic wellness: She could see how mental health, nutrition and exercise all worked together to support a healthier lifestyle.

Christiana’s Best Health coaching experience also helped her to realize the significance of self-care. It’s important for managers to remind their staff about the benefits of self-care, and to encourage them to care for themselves during the work day, she emphasizes.

After six weeks of dedication, Christiana noticed improvements to her overall health and lifestyle.

“Christiana did such an incredible job of navigating her health and wellness during a very challenging time,” says Michelle. “She improved her Wellness Score, reduced several risk levels and met her weight loss goal all in just six weeks! She has continued on with maintenance coaching and has sustained the healthy habits she put in place. It has been a pleasure to support her on her wellness journey to her best health!”

Best Health’s one-on-one phone coaching sessions are available to all Sharp Health Plan members at no additional cost. Learn more about free health coaching sessions.

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