Sharp Health Plan partners with Amazon and Cerner on new Halo product

Sharp is the first health system to have early access to Amazon Halo.

Sharp HealthCare has partnered with Amazon and Cerner to participate in the early release of a limited number of Amazon Halo Bands to select Sharp Health Plan members and physicians this fall.

Amazon Halo combines a membership with Amazon Halo Band to provide a new approach to improving health and wellness by bringing together science-backed tools that provide a more complete way for you to measure, understand and improve your health.

The Amazon Halo Band doesn’t have a screen that distracts you with notifications like fitness trackers and smart watches. Rather, the band quietly and accurately gathers information about your movement, heart rate, and sleep to provide rich insights about your health and wellness in the Halo app.

“Amazon Halo truly is a transformative technology that has real potential to change behaviors that improve a patient’s health,” said Michael Reagin, chief information and innovation officer for Sharp HealthCare. “It perfectly aligns with Sharp’s strategy to provide a holistic approach to patient wellness from their first experience as a Sharp Health Plan member throughout their relationship with their physician.”

Sharp Health Plan will distribute a limited number of Amazon Halo Bands to members in October during the early access phase of the product launch. These members will have the option to link their Amazon Halo account to their existing Sharp Health Plan wellness portal, provided by Cerner, where they can track their personal wellness metrics and participate in activities like wellness challenges.

Sharp HealthCare patients who receive the band will eventually be able to share their body fat percentage number from Amazon Halo to their electronic health record using Cerner EHR. Their physicians will then be able to use that information, similar to other wellness metrics like activity and sleep, to help develop their care plans.

You can read the full press release from Sharp HealthCare here.

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