4 stretches to ease neck pain

Help ease neck pain with these simple stretches.

Most of us are familiar with emotional stress causing a headache. We even have a name for it — tension headache. Stress can also have a physical effect on the muscles in your neck. As you tense up, the tightness in your neck muscles can contribute to neck pain.

Help reduce neck tension and pain with these 4 simple stretches you can do anywhere.


Neck stretch

Look over your shoulder and hold for 10 seconds. Switch sides and hold or 10 additional seconds.


Downward stretch

Interlace your fingers behind your back, straighten your arms and look down. Hold for 10 seconds.


Side stretch

Shift your hands to the side, tilt your head and look up. Hold for 10 seconds. Switch sides and hold for 10 additional seconds.


Upward stretch

Interlace your fingers above your head. Arch your back and look up. Hold for 10 seconds.

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