Covered California plans for individuals and families

Know your coverage options on California's health care market exchange.


Covered California® makes it simple and more affordable for millions of Californians to get quality health insurance that can’t be canceled or denied because of a pre-existing medical condition. It offers a range of plans so consumers can choose the one that best meets their health needs and financial situation.

Covered California is the only place to get federal premium assistance to help you buy health insurance in California. That means you may qualify for a discount on a health plan through the marketplace exchange. Here's some helpful information to help you find the right plan for you and your family.

Here’s a quick guide to some of the changes. 

Cost-sharing reductions:

  • Due to uncertainty at the federal level, an additional surcharge was added to 2018 premiums for all silver plans. This cost-sharing reduction surcharge increased the gross premium price of Silver-tier insurance plans. Most consumers did not see a significant change in the net price of their monthly premium because their financial help increased as well. Learn more about cost-sharing reductions on the Covered California website.

Coverage levels:

  • Most health insurance newly sold to individuals and small businesses must now be classified as one of four levels of coverage: Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum. In addition to those four levels of coverage, a minimum coverage plan is available to those who are younger than 30 or can provide certification that they are without affordable coverage or are experiencing hardship.

Essential health benefits:

  • All health insurance plans offered in the individual and small-group markets must provide a comprehensive package of items and services, known as essential health benefits. These benefits fit into 10 categories, and include services like prescription drugs, mental health care, and emergency services. View all benefits.

Dental coverage:

  • All Covered California health insurance plans offer embedded pediatric dental coverage. This means that dental insurance for children is included in the price of all health plans purchased in the exchange. In addition, Covered California now offers supplemental dental coverage for adults, through optional family dental plans.
    We partner with top-rated providers to ensure our youngest members have access to high-quality oral care services. Access Dental is our provider for individual, family and small employer group plans, while Premier Access is our provider for both small and large employer groups.

Vision coverage:

  • Covered California offers consumers a pathway to quality vision care. Vision care benefits for children are included in all health plans purchased through the exchange. Vision care for adults is not offered in Covered California health plans, but Covered California works with certain vision insurance companies to offer vision coverage directly to consumers.

    We’re proud to partner with Vision Service Plan (VSP) to provide pediatric policies as supplemental riders to individual, family and group plans. Our youngest members under 19 years old have access to the highest-quality eye care services.


Enrolling in a plan

Open enrollment for health coverage begins October 15 and continues through January 15. However, Medi-Cal enrollment is year-round. Browse, compare and purchase health coverage with Covered California.

Outside of open enrollment, you might still be able to enroll in a plan if you’ve had a qualifying event. Qualifying events are certain life changes like getting married, having a baby or moving.


Preventive care

The Affordable Care Act requires that your preventive services, like your well-woman exam, mammography, and screenings for cancer, are covered with no out-of-pocket costs to you. 

Learn more about preventive care.

Some covered preventive care services include: 

  • Well-woman exams
  • Tobacco use screenings
  • Immunization vaccines
  • HIV screenings
  • Diet counseling
  • Depression screenings


How long can I insure my children under my policy?

Under Health Care Reform, you can cover your adult children under your insurance policy up to 26 years of age, unless there’s a qualifying reason to require further coverage.