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Find the latest news on health, wellness, as well as on Sharp Health Plan and Sharp HealthCare.


Covered California

California provides path to coverage for millions

Effective immediately, anyone uninsured and eligible to enroll in health care coverage can sign up through the end of June.

What to do if you lose your health insurance during COVID-19

What to do if you lose your health insurance during COVID-19

3 easy tips for finding new health insurance during this time.

Masks and adult acne

Are you experiencing ‘maskne’?

May 26 — Follow these tips to zap zits and pimples caused by covering your face.

How to curb online shopping

6 ways to curb online spending

May 26 — If deliveries are arriving daily, it may be time to reevaluate what you’re purchasing.

Covid and blood clots

COVID-19 and blood clots

May 21 — Some patients with COVID-19 experience a troubling phenomenon: blood clots.

Physical therapist

Physical therapy goes online (video)

May 20 — Physical therapy sessions are moving to video visits during the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other news

Men's health

5 healthy changes that can save your life

Health observance: June
Raise awareness on men’s health.

Skin cancer awareness

7 traits that may increase skin cancer risk

Health observance: May
Know the risks for skin cancer.

National Autism Awareness Month

Learn the 6 early signs of autism

Health observance: April
How to detect autism early.