Clinical practice guidelines

Better health outcomes benefit all San Diegans. That’s why Sharp Health Plan is devoted to delivering the best coverage, best care and best service at the best value. We’ve adopted clinical practice guidelines based on scientific evidence, professional standards, expert opinions, and input from board-certified practitioners. We offer our members constructive resources so they can better partner with you to make safer, smarter choices and reduce their healthcare costs.


Choosing Wisely campaign outreach

We believe informed patients make smarter choices that make their lives better. That’s why we collaborated with Consumer Reports and brought our members helpful resources like our Consumer Health Choices website to optimize their health and wellness.


Clinical policy

We routinely review the most current, published medical evidence and the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommendations. Take a look at Sharp Health Plan's preventive health services medical benefit policy for all ages.


Manuals and guides

Here are some useful manuals and guides to help you better manage your Sharp Health Plan patients.


Non-drug pain management

Managing pain without medication has been proven effective for treatment of chronic pain.


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