Are you ready to submit your renewals?

For a smooth enrollment, get renewals in before your renewal date.

As the holidays approach, there’s one thing you’ll want to cross off your to-do list: renewals. If your policy is up for renewal and you need to make changes or if you will be updating your business structure, now is the time to submit those requests.

Policy changes, business structure changes and enrollment support

Policy change requests are subject to approval, including updates to:

  • Benefit plan
  • Provider network
  • Supplemental riders
  • Eligible number of hours
  • Contributions
  • Domestic partner coverage
  • Dependent coverage

Business structure changes, including a business name change or a merger, may require additional forms to be completed and/or documentation, so it’s a good idea to address these updates ahead of time.

Open enrollment support is available. Your dedicated account management executive can join in over the phone or through a video conference. They can also provide open enrollment presentations for your employees with or without voiceovers.

Why renew early?

Renewing early creates a better experience for you and your employees in three ways:

  1. Avoiding potential delays in processing your renewal
  2. Getting new member ID cards to your employees faster
  3. Ensuring your billing statement reflects your new premium information sooner

If you have questions about renewals, please contact your dedicated account management executive. You can contact us Monday to Friday, 8 am to 5 pm.