3 tips for getting your clients started with Best Health

Leverage our free wellness program to help your clients live healthier lives.

Encourage your clients to start reaching their health goals with Best Health®, Sharp Health Plan’s free wellness program.

Here are 3 tips to help your clients get started today:


Take a wellness assessment

Getting your clients started with Best Health is easy. Start by encouraging them to take their free online wellness assessment. They will be guided through a series of questions that will help evaluate their current state of health. Once completed, the assessment will show your clients their areas of strength and opportunities for improvement.

Take the Assessment



Sign up for free one-on-one health coaching

The next step for getting your clients on track with their health goals is by promoting the free Best Health coaching program. Your clients have the option to work with a personal health and lifestyle coach to guide them towards improved health. This six-week, telephonic health coaching program can help your clients achieve a healthier weight, quit smoking, improve eating habits, increase physical activity, and reduce and manage stress.

Get Coaching



Get wellness discounts from Sharp Health Plan

Remind your clients to take advantage of the wellness discounts offered by Sharp Health Plan. Your clients are eligible to receive a variety of discounts for everything from gym memberships to online workouts and services from a national network of complimentary health care providers including acupuncture, chiropractic, therapeutic massage and more. Advise your clients to browse the large selection of discounts to save money on their wellness journey.

Score Discounts