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Are you a CalPERS member?

In 2016, CVS/caremark provides your pharmacy benefits. Starting in 2017, OptumRx will be your new resource for pharmacy benefits.

Drug recalls

You deserve to know if the medications you’re using are safe, and we’re committed to notifying you and your prescribing doctor of drug recalls. Use this online tool to search for recalls, market withdrawals and safety alerts on FDA-regulated products.


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Under your health plan, there’s a lot of pharmacies to choose from. Use this helpful online tool to search for a pharmacy close by that’s covered by your benefit plan and works for you and your family.


Specialty drugs

Some specialty medications like Xeloda, Truvada and Tecfidera are only available through our partner CVS Specialty Pharmacy. A full listing of specialty medications are listed in your 2017 health plan drug list. 


Have a recurring prescription? Save the hassle and find out if your medication can be delivered to your door.

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