Pediatric dental and vision benefits

Dental care for children

Dental coverage is an essential health benefit for children. Preventive care services* for eligible dependents includes services like:

  • Cleanings
  • Dental sealant treatments
  • Oral examinations
  • Topical fluoride treatments
  • X-rays
  • And more

*Please see your DeltaCare® USA Plan Schedule of Benefits for the covered benefits and cost sharing information for pediatric dental benefits included with your plan. Dental schedules are also available in your Sharp Health Plan online account.

Verify your coverage

Before you begin accessing care, it’s important to verify your coverage. If you are enrolled in an individual and family plan through Sharp Health Plan or through Covered California, or through certain employer groups, then your plan will include pediatric dental benefits. To verify your coverage, please review your Member Handbook.

Enrolled through your employer?

Employers may offer dental benefits that are not through Sharp Health Plan. Some may even offer dental benefits for you and your adult dependents too. Check with your human resources department to see what they may offer.

Enrolled in a Sharp Direct Advantage® Medicare plan?

If you are a Medicare Advantage member, please visit Sharp Direct Advantage to learn more about your dental benefits.

Find a pediatric dental provider

Delta Dental will automatically assign your eligible dependents a primary care dentist — this is to ensure that they can begin accessing care right away. You can change your primary care dentist at any time online or over the phone. Changes requested before the 15th of the month will be effective the first day of the following month.


  • Search by location, dentist, practice or keyword
  • Register for an account before selecting a new dentist

By phone

Important coverage reminders

  • You can get covered benefits from any contract dentist within the DeltaCare USA Network without a referral from your primary care physician.
  • Your copayment is due when you receive covered benefits.


For questions regarding your dental benefits, please contact Delta Dental’s Customer Service Center at 1-855-370-4215.

Vision care for children

We partner with VSP® to provide high-quality vision care and eyewear for your child dependents. To use your child’s vision coverage, follow these three easy steps:

  1. Create a VSP account to check your child’s in-network coverage. Select the Benefits tab, then select View Benefits to confirm eligibility before seeking care.
     TIP: You’ll need to provide your Social Security Number or Sharp Health Plan member ID number to create an account.
  2. Find the pediatric eye doctor who’s right for your child.
  3. At their appointment, simply tell them you have VSP.

Pediatric vision benefits are part of your plan benefits if you’re enrolled in an individual and family plan through Sharp Health Plan or Covered California™, or through certain employer groups. Please read your Member Handbook to check your plan benefits.

Find an eye doctor

Search for the right eye doctor for your child online or over the phone. No referral is needed from your child’s primary care physician before meeting with an in-network VSP provider.


By phone

Vision care benefits

WellVision Exam
An eye exam (or WellVision Exam®) allows your child’s VSP network doctor to assess eye health and check for vision problems. If your child receives a vision prescription from their VSP doctor, they may choose to get either prescription glasses or contacts every 12 months.

Prescription glasses
Coverage for prescription glasses is split into three categories: frames, lenses and lens enhancements. VSP benefits for children include the following:

  • Frames from VSP’s exclusive Otis & Piper Eyewear Collection.
    • Frames selected outside the Otis & Piper Eyewear Collection will not be allowed unless medically necessary due to frame material allergies or appropriate eye size is unavailable within the kit selection.
  • Lenses are included, but certain lens enhancements may cost more.

Contact lenses (instead of glasses)
To get contact lenses instead of glasses, your child’s VSP doctor will perform a contact lens exam in addition to a routine eye exam. Ask the doctor which contact lenses qualify for your child’s plan.

Extra savings
Your child’s VSP benefits come with extra savings on glasses, sunglasses, a routine retinal screening and laser vision correction. Log in to VSP to check your child’s benefits online or ask their VSP network doctor for more information.


Please contact VSP at 1-800-877-7195 or log in to VSP to check your child’s benefits. You can also review your Member Handbook for more information.

For more details about benefits and copays, please download the right pediatric vision care flyer for you:

enrolled directly with sharp health planenrolled through covered california