Living Financially Well

Understand financial wellness with these helpful workshops.

When we’re preoccupied with financial worries, we may experience stress, become distracted from important tasks, or even struggle with our health. Taking steps to prioritize financial wellness may help to ease these concerns.

What is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is a process that can help you learn to manage your expenses. Financial wellness strategies aim to help you achieve financial strength and stability.

Our Best Health® wellness program offers free wellness webinars to help set you on the path to success. In this 3-part video series, you’ll learn tactics to support your own financial wellness.

Part 1: Thought barriers

  • Identify and analyze the thoughts which are preventing your personal financial wellness.
  • Evaluate at least one method for changing your thought barriers to financial wellness.

Part 2: Budgeting

  • Identify a thought barrier which is preventing you from creating or keeping to a budget.
  • Develop a framework to improve your financial wellness.
  • Create a plan to change specific behaviors around budgeting to improve your financial wellness.

Part 3: Defining an emergency

  • Define a financial emergency.
  • Learn that when we don’t act in alignment with what we know, it can lead to negative thought patters.
  • Create a framework for decision making around financial emergencies.

All webinars come with downloadable workshop materials you can use to follow along and outline your goals.