Early childhood immunizations

We believe in providing the best care possible for our community. We understand that the decision to immunize your child may be difficult due to confounding news reports. This is why we at Sharp Health Plan, in partnership with our community pediatricians, would like to provide you with information to help you feel comfortable with this important decision.

Parents make tough choices every day—immunizing against deadly or debilitating disease should not be one of them.

These videos will help answer the tough questions about childhood immunizations

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Following an immunization schedule

Learn why you should follow a recommended immunization schedule for your children.

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Child immunization

Immunization protects your baby from 14 serious childhood diseases he or she could get before the age of 2.

Prevention matters for children

We encourage you to take advantage of the many preventive care services available to you at no additional charge when scheduled with an in-network provider and separate from an appointment for other care or treatment.

Right from the start, prevention goes a long way in helping your child grow up healthy, happy and strong. During the years your child is developing and changing the most, be sure they receive timely exams, vaccines and screenings at every stage.

The information below, from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, may answer your vaccine questions.

What vaccines does your child need?

Find out which vaccines your child needs for protection.


Easy-to-read immunization schedules

This easy-to-read immunization schedule available in English and Spanish shows recommended immunizations for children from birth through six years old by age.

How to make shots less stressful for your baby

Shots are stressful for you and your baby. Learn how to make your next trip to the pediatrician easier with these helpful tips.


Milestones tracker app

Milestones matter! Track your child’s milestones from age 2 months to 5 years with CDC’s easy-to-use illustrated checklists. You can also keep track of your child’s doctors’ appointments and get reminders about recommended developmental screenings.