5 tips for using your Group Administration Manual

Quick tips for getting the most out of this helpful guide.

Your Group Administration Manual serves as a helpful guide to effectively administer your group health plan benefits. Inside, you’ll find important information on enrollment, billing and more.

Below are 5 quick tips to help ensure you’re getting the most out of this helpful guide:


Check out the table of contents.

The table of contents lists each section by title, then lists each subcategory within that section. Detailed instructions are included along with sample forms where applicable. Sections to note include: enrollment and cancellation procedures; membership changes; member information; continuation of coverage; billing procedures; and forms and supplies.


Use the tabs.

Each tab represents a major category under which specific procedures are listed.


Use the sample forms and instructions.

A sample of each of the most commonly used forms is included in the manual. Please log in to your Sharp Health Plan online account to access these forms online.


Update your Group Administration Manual.

Keep this manual on hand: pages and sections may be updated as necessary throughout the year. Remove old pages when you receive updates from Sharp Health Plan.


Store your current Group Agreement and rates.

We suggest storing a copy of your fully executed Group Agreement and a copy of your Group’s current rates behind the appropriate tabs provided in this manual.

Need help with virtual open enrollment meetings?

Review Section 1, “Enrollment and cancellation procedures,” for more details. Your account manager can participate over the phone or via Zoom video call. Account managers can also provide open enrollment presentations for your employees with or without voiceovers.

If you have questions about the manual, please contact your dedicated account manager.