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cervical health awareness

5 things to know about cervical health

January 2019, Cervical cancer typically has no symptoms. That’s why regular cervical cancer screenings, education and vaccination are key to prevention. Learn the top five things to know about cervical health, including what to do if you or your employees are concerned about it.

flu prevention

Stay healthy during flu season

December 2018, Nearly 350 flu-related deaths took place in San Diego County this past flu season, according to the Health and Human Services Agency. We encourage your employees to take preventive steps to protect themselves, their families and their co-workers from getting sick.

diabetes awareness

Raise awareness this month on diabetes

November 2, 2018, Prediabetes affects 84 million Americans, but only 10 percent of them know they have it. If you or your employees have prediabetes, resources are available. Learn how you can help prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes and other serious health issues.

Suicide prevention awareness

Raise awareness this month on breast cancer

October 1, 2018, Breast cancer is the most common cancer for women in the U.S. besides skin cancer. This National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, make sure your employees know the signs and how to work with their health care providers to get the right screenings.

Suicide prevention awareness

Raise awareness this month on suicide prevention

September 7, 2018, Sept. 10 is World Suicide Prevention Day. Getting help for mental health concerns is key to preventing suicide. See what you can do to help a loved one who is struggling – or if you’re going through a rough time, learn how to get the care you need.

Immunization awareness

Raise awareness this month on immunizations

August 6, 2018, Every year, childhood vaccinations prevent over 10 million cases of infectious illness in the U.S. But for adults, some vaccines can wear off and make us vulnerable to getting sick. Make sure your employees know how they can build their immunity. 

Hepatitis awareness

Raise awareness this month on hepatitis

July 23, 2018, July 28 is World Hepatitis Day. Nearly 5 million Americans may be infected with hepatitis B or C, but most are unaware they have it. Make sure you and your employees know the facts about the global hepatitis epidemic.

Girl on phone

Enhancements to Customer Care lines

July 11, 2018, Your employees deserve to get the information they need, when they need it. That’s why we’ve introduced new enhancements to our Customer Care lines, including member authentication and greater self-service tools.

Sharp Health Plan office

What goes into being the highest member-rated health plan?

July 3, 2018, We’re one of the best health plans in California, thanks to you and your employees. Take a look at how Sharp Health Plan works every day to deliver high-quality coverage and nationally recognized care.

Sharp Memorial Hospital

Recent Sharp awards

June 21, 2018, Two Sharp hospitals were the only facilities in the San Diego region to achieve A grades in the latest safety report from the Leapfrog Group. Get details on the report, and take a look at other recent achievements from the Sharp delivery system.

Man stretching

Raise awareness on men's health

June 1, 2018, Three out of 4 men in the U.S. are overweight or obese, yet many men do not see their doctors for regular checkups. In honor of National Men’s Health Week, consider sharing this article with your employees, with a reminder to plan their next preventive care visit.

Apply sunscreen

Raise awareness on melanoma

May 1, 2018, Employee picnics, softball games, or just another workday in the sun. Make sure your employees know about the risks of developing melanoma and other skin cancers. Protection from ultraviolet radiation is important all year long.

2018-04 Health Observance_Autism-621394544-news-290x190

Learn the signs of autism

April 4, 2018, Your employees may be interested to know that while the causes of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) are not fully understood, ASD is usually related to genetic factors. It is not caused by poor parenting or vaccinations.

Colon Health Awareness

Raise awareness on colon health

March 5, 2018, Of cancers that affect both men and women, colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer-related deaths in the U.S., which is why prevention, early detection and treatment for your employees is important.

Raise awareness on heart health

Raise awareness on heart health

February 12, 2018, Heart-healthy people are productive people. Give your employees important tips on how to reduce risk factors for heart disease and adopt heart-healthy habits.

Cervical health awareness

Raise awareness on cervical health

January 23, 2018,  According to the CDC, cervical cancer is the most preventable type of female cancer. Education and regular screenings are the best ways to prevent and diagnose this potentially dangerous disease.

handwashing image

Get educated: stop the flu cycle

December 1, 2017, December includes National Influenza Vaccination Week and National Handwashing Awareness Week. We have provided some helpful information on these important topics to help keep your employees healthy.