Make monthly insurance payments easier for your clients

These quick tips will save your clients time and effort.

When your clients juggle full schedules at home and at work, it can be easy to forget about the small yet important tasks that don’t require their immediate attention. Falling behind on payments can cause unneeded stress and create complications. Here’s how to help your clients to avoid late or missed insurance payments, without ever missing a beat in their busy lifestyles.

Mark the monthly premium due date.

A client’s premium payment is due by the 25th of the month before their coverage month begins. For example, their December coverage premium payment is due by November 25. If they make a payment after the 25th, but within the grace period, they can disregard the late letter.

Pick a monthly payment method.

Your clients can avoid a last-minute rush by choosing the most convenient option for them. There are several easy ways your clients can pay their monthly premium:

  • Online

    Log in or register for a Sharp Health Plan account to pay online.

    Your clients won’t need to worry about missing a payment or providing an incorrect sum by setting up automatic payments.

  • Phone

    Clients can call 1-858-499-8300 to make a payment.

  • By mail

    Clients should make checks payable to “Sharp Health Plan,” write their member ID on the check, and include the remittance slip that comes with their bill. They should use separate checks if they’re paying for more than one account.

    Mail to:
    Sharp Health Plan
    P.O. Box 57248
    Los Angeles, CA 920074-7248

  • Automatic bank withdrawals

    Clients should follow their bank’s instructions to set up bank wire transfers and can contact Customer Care at 1-858-499-8300 with questions.