Physical activity

Use the three steps below to begin your journey to Best Health.

1. Know this

Aerobic fitness (endurance) means increasing how well your body uses oxygen. Any activity that makes your heart beat faster, such as walking or running, can improve aerobic fitness. Experts say your goal should be one, or a combination, of these:

  • Do some sort of moderate aerobic activity, like brisk walking, for at least 2½ hours each week.
  • Or do more vigorous activities, like running, for at least 1¼ hours a week. This activity makes you breathe harder and have a much faster heartbeat than when you are resting.

Moderate physical activity is safe for most people. But it’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor before becoming more active, especially if you haven’t been very active or have health problems.

2. Do this

If you’re ready to add more physical activity to your life, here are some tips to get you started:

  • Schedule your activity for times that you’re likely to keep doing it. If you don’t have time for one 30-minute walk, break it up into three 10-minute walks.
  • Find a partner. This can make exercising more fun.
  • Find an activity that you enjoy, and stay with it. Vary it with other activities so you don’t get bored.

3. Use this

Check out the following Best Health offerings to help you lead a more active lifestyle.

  • Physical activity health coachingEnroll in free health coaching and work one-on-one with a Best Health Coach.  
  • Online cardio log – Track your minutes and activities to keep up with your fitness goals.
  • Online exercise workshop – Learn how to become more active in this six-week online workshop.

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