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6 tips to prevent catching the flu

Health observance
Last year’s flu season was one of the longest seasons in over a decade. Here are some tips to help you prepare for flu season.

6 steps to relieve a headache

6 steps to relieve a headache

Gently pressing these six pressure points can reduce stress and help ease headache pain. George Montes, a licensed massage therapist at the Sewall Healthy Living Center at Sharp Coronado Hospital, shows you how.


1 in 3 Americans have prediabetes, do you?

Preventive care spotlight
November is American Diabetes Month. Get tested for prediabetes to start taking preventive action.

NHA wins wellness awards

NHA wins wellness awards

Best Health® spotlight
Find out how leveraging Sharp Health Plan’s worksite wellness program really paid off for the Neighborhood House Association.

Help your employees make healthier decisions

Help your employees make healthier decisions

Tip of the quarter
Helping employees make healthier decisions is easy with Best Health. Here are two tips for engaging employees today.

Easy seven-layer dip

Try this:
easy seven-layer dip

Healthy recipe
This delicious twist on the popular seven-layer dip offers healthy alternatives without sacrificing the flavor.

Breast cancer awareness

The warning signs of breast cancer

Preventive care spotlight
Here’s what to look for and when to talk to your doctor about a screening.