Wellness Assessment

Use the three steps below to begin your journey to Best Health.

1. Know this

The Wellness Assessment is a confidential, online questionnaire which asks about your well-being and lifestyle and is designed to provide a more complete picture of your health as well as recommendations to help you be your best. This assessment will help you evaluate your current health, set goals, and encourage and motivate you to make healthy choices. It will provide a foundation from which your progress can be demonstrated, documented and improved upon.

The assessment contains questions which evaluate your current health status in the following 10 areas: health view, preventive health, nutrition, exercise, emotional/stress, safety, tobacco, alcohol, readiness to change and biometrics. Once the confidential questionnaire is completed, you will get a detailed report that rates your health risks as low, moderate or high and will provide personalized recommendations about how to better manage your health based on your risks.

2. Do this

To get started and complete your Wellness Assessment:

  • Visit yourbesthealth.com to login or register for your account.
  • Complete your Wellness Assessment – it takes just 15 minutes.
  • Receive your personalized report and recommendations for improvement on your journey to best health.

3. Use this

Check out these other great offerings to better understand your health status.

  • Risk Advisor – For each area of high or moderate risk within the Wellness Assessment, the risk advisor will guide you toward an actionable path.
  • My Screening Results – If your biometrics have been added to your Wellness Assessment, you can view your values for body mass index (BMI), cholesterol and blood pressure.

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