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A select network of doctors, hospitals, and medical groups designed to offer the most cost savings.

HSA Compatible  ?   check
Avg. Medical Expenses Paid by Plan  ?90%80%70%60%
Annual Deductible  ?$0$0$2,500$6,000
Out of Pocket Limit: Individual  ?$3,350$7,200$7,550$6,550
Out of Pocket Limit: Family  ?$6,700$14,400$15,100$13,300
Hospitalization (Facility Fee)  ?$250 per day (5-day max)$600 per day (5-day max)20% coinsurance*40% coinsurance*
Primary Care Visit  ?$15$30$4040% coinsurance*
Preventive Care Visit  ?$0$0$0$0
Lab Test$15$35$3540% coinsurance*
ER Visit$150$325$35040% coinsurance*
*Deductible applies

A broad network of doctors, hospitals and medical groups offering more choice and geographic coverage.

 PlatinumGoldBronzeMinimum Coverage
HSA Compatible  ?    
Avg. Medical Expenses Paid by Plan  ?90%80%60%60%
Annual Deductible  ?$0$0$6,300$7,900
Out of Pocket Limit: Individual  ?$3,350$7,200$7,550$7,900
Out of Pocket Limit: Family  ?$6,700$14,400$15,100$15,800
Hospitalization (Facility Fee)  ?10% coinsurance20% coinsurance100% coinsurance*0%*
Primary Care Visit  ?$15$30$75**$0**
Preventive Care Visit  ?$0$0$0$0
Lab Test$15$35$40$0*
ER Visit$150$325100% coinsurance*$0*

*Deductible applies / **Deductible applies after the first three non-preventive, primary care physician (PCP), urgent care, mental health or substance-use office visits.

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Page last updated: Sept. 11, 2019

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