Get educated: stop the flu cycle

Raise awareness on staying healthy this flu season

December is National Influenza Vaccination Week (December 3 to 9) and National Handwashing Awareness Week (December 4 to 10). We have provided some helpful information on these important topics below. Please feel free to share these resources.

This time of year many people get the flu and other mild illnesses. An easy line of defense against sickness is getting a flu shot. We  encourage members to take advantage of their preventive care benefits and schedule an appointment with their doctor for a no-cost shot. To learn more, visit sharphealthplan/flu.

Members can also prevent getting sick this holiday season by washing their hands. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), washing your hands is one of the most effective ways to stop the spread of germs.

Follow these five steps to wash the right way:

  • Wet your hands with clean, running water.
  • Apply soap and lather. Be sure to get the backs of your hands.
  • Scrub for at least 20 seconds.
  • Rinse with clean, running water.
  • Dry with a clean towel or air dry.

We suggest reading this article from Sharp Health News, which provides some tips on how to stay healthy when others are sick.

Get the CDC fact sheet

For more information about fighting the flu, check out the fact sheet from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.


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