65 onboarding tips for new members

Helping members get the most out of their benefits in 2020.

Here are sixfive onboarding tips to help new member clientsyour new employees get the most out of their benefits in their first 90 days with Sharp Health Plan.


Activate Sharp Connect.

Sharp Connect gives members 24-hour access to view their benefits, request a new member ID card, check their drug list, and much more. Members can sign up using their new Sharp Health Plan member ID card. Returning Sharp Health Plan members will need to create a new account using their new member ID number.


Set up automatic payments.

Our payment portal makes it easy for members to set up payments and view their online payment history. Previous Sharp Health Plan members will need to update their payment portal account with their new member ID number and payment information.


Sign up for online patient portals.

Online patient portals through our plan medical groups allow members to access their personal health information, view test results, send and receive messages from their doctor's office and more. Members can find their plan medical group listed on the front of their member ID card. Please note, some medical groups and doctors do not use an online portal and instead use different ways to stay connected with their patients. In these cases, members should check with their doctor's office to see what they offer.

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Connect with personal doctor.

Members who are new patients, should call their primary care physician’s (PCP) office to let them know. They will help them find an appropriate time for an office visit. Members can check their Sharp Health Plan member ID card for their PCP’s phone number. If they’re an existing patient, they’ll need to share any new insurance information.

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Transfer existing referrals, prescriptions or medical records.

Members who had authorization to see a specialist or fill a prescription, should ask their PCP to submit a new authorization request with their new coverage. For medical records, members should contact their previous doctor for assistance to transfer their protected health information to their new doctor.

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Share health information with loved ones.

At some point during their care, members may want us to disclose their protected health information (PHI) to someone else, like a partner or child. In these cases, they’ll need to fill out PHI release forms with both Sharp Health Plan and their plan medical group. They can download Sharp Health Plan’s form. They can request their plan medical group’s PHI release form by contacting their PCP’s office.