Important Covered California Update

Policy subscriber changes, and more, in 2020.

As the result of a recent software update, Covered California changed the primary subscriber on your health insurance policy to match the person listed as the primary tax filer on your Covered California application. This change requires Sharp Health Plan to assign new member ID numbers to you and any dependents enrolled in benefits under your policy. This change does not impact your health coverage through Covered California.

The following changes will go in effect starting January 1, 2020:

  • New primary subscriber
    The new primary subscriber will be whoever was listed as the primary tax filer on your Covered California application. The new primary subscriber will be the recipient of all official Sharp Health Plan and Covered California communications.
  • New member ID card with new member ID number
    The new primary subscriber and any dependents who are enrolled in benefits under their health insurance policy will be assigned new member ID numbers with new ID cards. To ensure the best member experience, be sure to show your new member ID card with your new member ID number when accessing care and filling prescriptions.
  • New automatic payment profile
    Please follow these steps to make sure your payments go toward your new member ID number:
    • Log in to your existing payment portal account.
    • Under “Profile,” add a new subscription with your new member ID number.
    • Delete any existing automatic payments assigned to your old ID number.
    • Schedule payments to this new subscription starting with your January 2020 premium.

Please note that this change has been hardwired into Covered California’s system, and Covered California and Sharp Health Plan do not have the ability to change the primary subscriber back.

For any questions, or if you would like personal assistance with making updates to your payment portal account, please contact Customer Care.


Send a message to Customer Care, or call us at the phone number on the back of your Sharp Health Plan member ID card.