Sharp HealthCare ERs offer online reservations

How to get convenient, personalized care quickly.

Sharp HealthCare emergency room (ER) online reservations are intended for those who want to be seen in a timely manner and who do not have life- or limb-threatening signs or symptoms. For those who decide to visit the ER, you can now save a spot online by visiting Sharp’s emergency department webpage.

One of the goals of offering online reservations is to reduce the number of patients who may likely walk into the ER during moments of “surge,” or when the ER is experiencing higher than normal patient volumes.

“By being able to reserve a spot ahead of time, patients are not only able to wait in the comfort of their own home, but they don’t have to wait for a long time before being seen because they will be selecting from available times that typically occur during periods of low-patient volume,” says Marguerite Paradis, director of Sharp Grossmont Hospital Emergency Services and Critical Care.

Given the nature and purpose of an ER, staff plan to honor online reservations, while also ensuring that life-threatening and emergent issues are quickly addressed.

Sharp HealthCare’s ER reservations are available for Sharp Chula Vista Medical Center, Sharp Coronado Hospital, Sharp Grossmont Hospital and Sharp Memorial Hospital.

“We are hoping that offering online reservations improves our service to the community,” says Paradis. “It is a facet of The Sharp Experience, and is really a great example of creating a health care experience that is both convenient and personalized for all our patients.”

Important reminders before heading to the ER

  • In a life or limb threatening emergency, go to the nearest hospital.
  • Emergency room visits that are not medical emergencies will not be covered. For less severe complaints, consider going to an in-network urgent care center.

Source: Sharp Health News

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