Announcing the lowest small group rates in San Diego!

High quality and service with the best rates.

June 26, 2019 — Sharp Health Plan has the lowest platinum, gold and silver small group rates in San Diego. Our rate trend will also give you the confidence that your clients will not experience rate volatility — it continues to be the lowest in the small group market in San Diego.

The chart below illustrates our best rates this quarter. All of these plans are in the number one rate position for small group, have significant decreases versus prior rates, and are substantially lower than the average premiums in each metal tier.

Sharp Health Plan Small Group Plans and Rates for Q4 2019*

TierNetwork40 YO RateQuarterly DecreaseAnnual DecreaseRate Position

Improved administrative efficiencies since launching our new core administrative system in 2018, as well as our highly innovative and integrated Population Health Management Program are two of the secrets to our competitive rates.

Our Population Health Management Program enables the highest level of clinical integration possible — allowing our providers to maximize quality and patient experience. With it, continuity of care is maintained, services can be performed in the care setting that is safest and most cost effective, and unnecessary repetition of tests or services is minimized between providers. Further, the model provides savings and predictability for employers because they pay a fixed capitation amount to access the services offered by the care team.

Stay tuned for more information on this unique and differentiated approach. We think you will be excited!

In case you are curious, we will officially release our Q4 rates on July 1. In the meantime, if you have questions, please contact your dedicated account management executive.


*All data is from filings posted to the Department of Managed Health Care (DHMC) website. While the filings are statewide, the rates referenced are specific to Region 19.  All products and rates are (pending DMHC approval) valid as of 10/1/2019. HDHP products and rates were excluded from the values referenced.