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Quick tips for a successful open enrollment

Quick tips for a successful open enrollment

Oct. 15, 2019 — We’d like to thank you for your continued partnership, and share some tips and resources to help ensure a successful open enrollment for you and your clients.


Broker incentive program

New incentive program for brokers

August 7, 2019 — With the lowest platinum, gold and silver small group rates in San Diego, we’re excited to announce our new small group broker incentive program for Q4 2019.


Lowest small-group rates in San Diego

Snag the lowest small group rates in San Diego

June 26, 2019 — Sharp Health Plan has the lowest platinum, gold and silver small group rates in town. Additionally, our rate trend continues to be the lowest in the San Diego market. Learn how we keep our rates competitive, while continuing to offer the highest quality and service.


Important update for grandfathered plans Important update for grandfathered plans

March 27, 2019, Effective immediately, we are now accepting special enrollment applications for your IFP clients with non-calendar year grandfathered health plans.


Member Resource Guide - Brokers Client onboarding

March 26, 2019 — We make it easy for you and your clients, both new and returning, to understand their Sharp Health Plan benefits, and get the most out of their plan. Read or download our 2019 Member Resource Guide, the New Member Resource Kit, and more.


your clients' IRS 1095 tax forms Your clients' IRS 1095 tax forms

February 4, 2019, Tax season is here. That means your clients will soon receive their 1095 tax forms in the mail. Make sure you can help them understand what to do and who to contact with questions.


IFP proof of residency IFP proof of residency requirement

January 2, 2019, Our IFP underwriting guidelines now require verification of residency for new member applications and account changes that add new members to an existing policy. Get the details to make sure your clients’ applications process smoothly.


cervical health awareness5 things to know about cervical health

January 2019, Cervical cancer doesn’t always show symptoms. Make sure your clients know what to do if they are worried about their cervical health. Understanding and using preventive care benefits like screenings and vaccination are key to prevention.


Flu preventionStay healthy during flu season

December 2018, Nearly 350 flu-related deaths took place in San Diego County this past flu season, according to the Health and Human Services Agency. Make sure your clients have the know-how and resources to protect themselves against infection.


SHP-Broker-Nov-News-290x190Raise awareness this month on diabetes

November 2, 2018, Prediabetes affects 84 million Americans, but only 10 percent of them know they have it. If you or your clients have prediabetes, resources are available. Find out how to help prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes and other serious health issues.